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The Astounding Wellbeing Advantages of Limu Moui and Fucoidan

For centuries, the natives of Tonga have consumed a brown seaweed called limu moui.  It had been prized for what Tongans observed to be its therapeutic and restorative properties. Now, scientific investigate has caught up with all the Tongans since the vitamins contained while in the seaweed have begun for being isolated and researched.

A key component of limu moui is fucoidan. Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide, a sort of elaborate carbohydrate, that occurs obviously during the cell walls of certain types of seaweed. It doesn’t arise in almost any land-based plants. Limu moui is one of the richest resources of it. Fucoidan continues to be analyzed in about seven-hundred scientific experiments, and it has been shown to have powerful anti-cancer effects, inhibiting tumor growth and metastasis, and producing cancer cells to die off in certain situations. It’s got also been demonstrated to acquire immune-supporting outcomes.

Users of fucoidan within the sort of the original Limu drink have claimed enhancement of their blood sugar and blood levels of cholesterol, much more vitality and improved rest, improved joint mobility and enhanced gastrointestinal functionality.

How can The Limu Firm harness the incredible well being rewards of fucoidan?

The Limu Organization works by using a chemical-free extraction process formulated by a staff of researchers over 15 several years. To begin with, the seaweed is harvested by hand within the waters from the coastline of Tonga, which are totally free from weighty metals and also other pollutants. Motorized boats are not even authorized in the area. The harvested seaweed is flash-frozen to maintain its vitamins and minerals, then it undergoes the chemical-free extraction course of action, which leaves the various nutrients intact and remarkably bio-available. Following, the limu is blended with papaya, mango, pear, and apple to help make a naturally delicious drink with no sugar or artificial sweeteners. It truly is packed in sterilized glass bottles and delivered all around the globe. At each and every stage in the course of action, the product is inspected to ensure it truly is free from contaminants, and analyzed for dietary content.

Initial Limu is filled with nutrition, and has the the flavor of the tropical punch. Two to four ounces on a daily basis is the recommended volume that will assist you enjoy its incredible wellness benefits.